Something therapeutic

There is something very therapeutic about trying to ‘capture’ a little bit of what makes you ‘you’ for the purposes of sharing with anyone with a passing interest in your view on the world.

I’ve just written a ‘page’ about wildlife as it happens, something that I find increasing fascination with as I get older. I found myself feeling slightly poetic – which probably seems daft – and also wistful as I ‘captured’ memories of my past to share with those who weren’t there.

The process was encouragingly simple as far as the future of the Mothers’ Union website is concerned – more than you can so for the its current hosts’ ability to offer me WordPress! Claranet are not doing themselves any favours – their Starter pack, which I first started using at least five years ago I think, hasn’t moved with the times in either features or price! I’m also frustrated that as a charity we’ve recently (like, last week) paid a years subscription, so porting the domain will be un-necessarily expensive. Since they caused the problem by stopping their support of Frontpage, it seems even more daft, as they’ve not upgraded their package in recompense. Ho hum – I shouldn’t have buried my head about the problem for so long. However, in the long term, I think Alec has put me on to something so much better, that I will thank them as I say goodbye!

Here’s a question though – what is a “category” as opposed to a “tag”? How should I name and use them both to best advantage? (OK so that’s two questions!)


About ramtopsrac

Church of England Priest, child of God, daughter of the New Forest, wife and mother.
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3 Responses to Something therapeutic

  1. ramtopsrac says:

    Treat a Category as the main theme of the posting, for your benefit; use multiple tags for the benefit of others, to link together multiple themes you use in the post (a much richer set).

  2. ramtopsrac says:

    OK, so for example, I have a Category of ‘Sermons’ in which there are tags for the bible references… that works.

  3. alecm says:

    also, categories can be hierarchical…

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