Snow holiday delays reading

Four inches of snow and I found myself unexpectedly on ‘holiday’: it’s not that I work, but when both Graham (a teacher) and Chris found themselves home with their schools closed, and the best snow in Chris’s lifetime, all possibility of work or study went out the window. Instead we have entertained Chris’s friends, laughed at the dog playing in the snow, built a headless snowman on the local fields, and then tried to dry out and warm up.

The bird feeder has been busy, particularly with Greenfinches. The Greater Spotted didn’t visit to my knowledge but I did see it over the road from the kitchen window. Interestingly no Siskins or Long-tails today (at least not when I was watching!)

So I’ve not started the new issue of ‘Archway’ for Mothers’ Union, and I’ve not read any more ‘Called or Collared’, nor have I read a Grove booklet to support my placement, which I started yesterday (well I attended their morning service and talked to several people). It’s now 9pm and Graham’s just asked me what I want to do: my answer was ‘turn all the computers off, wash up, talk to him, and read the Bible’. I wonder if I can manage to be a woman of my word.


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  1. Interestingly I was a woman of my word, and managed all those things. Had a brief foray into Mark 5:1-20 (healing of “Legion”) via Tom Wrights ‘for Today’ series. Sorting out the geography of a passage like that, and realising that it happened in a non-Jewish community (part of today’s disputed ‘Palestinian’ lands) drew out more clearly a significance of the miracle in a community which perhaps feels it needs another. I like TWs point that perhaps it was Legion that was the first apostle to the gentiles, not Paul 🙂

    Commentaries like TWs are vital for me. So often I miss the links to the big story, without their help. This time it was the following that struck me the hardest;
    “At the climax of Mark’s story Jesus himself will end up naked, isolated, outside the town among the tombs, shouting incomprehensible things as he is torn apart on the cross…”

    Thank you Tom Wright.


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