UK Wild deer populations are booming

This is just the sort of thing that my Dad worked with for 30 years, so it will interesting to get his comments on this report on the impact of changing deer populations. Road casualties were always a problem in the New Forest – Dad would have to go and collect them, or try and find and put down those that had been injured but run on. That is where I developed a taste for venison – the dogs ate the nasty bits and the humans ate the rest!

The photograph at the top of the Wildlife Extra coverage is almost certainly taken at Boldrewood where I used to help him feed the deer.

UK Wild deer populations are booming – Problems and benefits

Full report

Mind you – I could have told them numbers were up. Graham and I have both seen Muntjac round our bit of NE Hants in the last few months – and when I was a kid they were largely regarded as rumours about something non-existant.

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