Bitterns,Kites and Ash

Just a quick updating from my accidental birding exploits:

Friday 20th on return to New Forest from Great-Nanny visiting in Bournemouth stopped for first quick visit at Blashford Lakes near Ringwood: fantastic views of two Bittern among the reeds on Ivy Lake. Anyone wanting to take young or old on a nature reserve trip, this looks a great place with easy access.

Today, returning from Reader Training Placement visit to Basingstoke, spotted, stopped and had fantastic views of two Red Kites next to A30 at Nateley Scures, between Old Basing and Hook. Low over the tiny St Swithun’s church there.

My placement is proving very interesting and such a high church atmosphere, with much to learn and consider, which is why I have left the hosting dust to settle for a couple of days. I have spent a lot of time with my placement vicar and celebrated Ash Wednesday by being ‘ashed’ for the first time last night: this was a very intimate service (for which read ‘poorly attended’) but I did find being reminded of the mess we make of so much, and the grace with which God has dealt with that through the marking of an ash cross on my forehead, surprisingly poignant… I’m not sure that’s the right word… thought provoking at a deep level somewhere. The story of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11) is always a powerful tool for teaching …

Tomorrow I really must phone Zen… and perhaps blog about my placement a bit more.


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