Mothers’ Union

Just done something I’ve been meaning to do since I started this: create a page relating to how so much of my life, including this blog, has come out of my journey of discovery with God through Mothers’ Union.

I have recently agreed to stand as Diocesan Head of Marketing and Communications between 2010-12, which will mean I remain on the Diocesan Trustee Board, and am currently praying (and letter writing) to confirm whether or not I need to have a dual license (to Mothers’ Union and to my parish) when I become a Licensed Lay Minster, hopefully later this year.


About ramtopsrac

Church of England Priest, child of God, daughter of the New Forest, wife and mother.
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One Response to Mothers’ Union

  1. Fiona Thomas says:

    Love the blog – I’m assuming it’s Rachael??
    Read that you did a placement at All Saints in Basingstoke. Small world, but that was my school church (St John’s CofE). It’s probably long gone now, but I once made an alter front for the lady chapel there! (lots of silver foil and boot polish.)

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