New, and growing slowly

Well it’s finally happening: the new Mothers’ Union Diocese of Winchester blog based website is now live, and growing slowly!

Yesterday was the key day when Claranet changed the IPS tag and Zen did whatever cleverness they needed to make what I’d just started with them point at

Yesterday evening, with the added benefits of two lovely waffles and the usual pint of tea, Alec and I spent a happy evening with far two many computers and screens making nice things happen to the screen layout courtesy of a great flexible theme we downloaded from WordPress: called “Atahualpa”

Alec working on his Linuz system, and his giant screen, certainly made things happen a lot fast than I could, as I had singularly failed to realise that the themes directory was in the file manager of cpanel. This probably proves that I am no geek, and that I had been working on it far too late in the evening on Thursday night.

Today, after a mornings gardening, I fiddled with the set up of Atahualpa a little further and got to grips with the first few pages. Extending this basic information to cover the full breadth of what we get up to across the Diocese is going to take me a while though!

Thursday is Trustees meeting, so I am glad that I will have some time between now and then to complete some more of this so I can ‘go public’ to them and then the rest of members at the end of the month. However, the prize for being the first to notice the website has changed without being told, and e-mail me to say so, goes to May: not a lot gets past her! I did tell our administrator Viv that it had gone live, partly because I needed some security info off her to make it happen, and she’s the one who’ll be expected to check up that I’ve got my facts right. In the fullness of time I want make her a co-editor, but not till things have got a bit further.

It probably won’t surprise you that I haven’t done a lot of the reading I need to do for my placement, but with this to get going, theology has had to take a back seat for a while, and possibly will continue to do so until after Trustees next week.

Off to show my husband daft YouTube videos Alec introduced me to whilst we drank tea last night, and just in case you haven’t seen them already, try…

Kitty loves broccoli

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom


One comment

  1. >Alec working on his Linuz system

    Actually, I work on an OpenSolaris system which frontends two Macs. 🙂

    Glad to be of help. 🙂


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