Trees and Preaching

I’ve just read this and found it links quite closely to some thoughts I’ve been having in regard to my placement parish and themes of ‘change’ and the ‘Kingdom of God’. I suspect it might be a useful reflection when it comes to writing up my theological reflection at the end of my placement, which is now only just over a fortnight away (Easter morning).

a blog by howard jameson @ Lent no 22 – trees

This Sunday is Passion Sunday, and I will be preaching in my placement what is possibly my last assessed preach of training. It will be on the Gospel passage of John 12:20-33 and I’m trying to concentrate on the day (which we don’t really mark in my home parish) being a pivot point in our Lenten focus, and on the words ‘glorify’ and ‘serve’. I did a lot of work on it yesterday, but it hasn’t really gelled yet.

I’m also worried about how the congregation will cope: I can tailor my subject matter and language to suit what they are used to and where they are coming from, but I think my natural preaching style is quite challenging and very different to my conversational style, so I think they may be in for a bit of a shock. However their incumbent seems very relaxed about this!

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  1. My placement vicar made a lovely comment about “challenging” being great but “criticising” being wrong…the difference being ‘love’!

    Sermon now written – I’ve lost the references to Lenten pivot points in favour of useful content about “Why are we here?” and the divinity and humanity of Jesus, revealed in his own words.

    The church furnishings will be veiled – I find this difficult theologically since the change in focus should be more towards the importance of the cross and resurrection and away from Lenten penance in my view.


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