My ‘unconverted’ state

I’ve just posted on the Mothers’ Union site about Canon Andrew White’s latest venture being into the world of blogging, so to save repeating myself completely I refer you there: the children that empower and inspire

I personally find this man a humbling inspiration, and find his ‘unconverted’ state (follow my blogroll to his contribution’s to the Telegraph’s Faithbook) a huge encouragement since it reflects much of my own experience. I have in the past grappled with a sense of ‘loss’ that I have not had a conversion experience, especially as I meet inspiring people whose journey to faith have changed their lives dramatically.

However, being ‘unconverted’ has also been a blessing – I have always been surrounded by a family of supportive Christians – but not without the occasional doubt – mostly in this last year of Reader Training! It has also not been without it’s periods of dramatic change and growth.

I wonder what your experiences are?


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