Why are we here?

Last Sunday, Passion Sunday, I preached (on John 12:20-33) what I think is my last assessed sermon of Reader Training, at my placement at All Saints’ Church, which is part of the Basingstoke Team. There are however plenty of other sorts of assessments still to go 🙂

I am really grateful to everyone at All Saints for making me feel so welcome, for being patient with my questions, so that I feel very much part of the family as we enter Holy Week together. I really feel like I have started some lasting friendships during my time with them, and although in some ways I am looking forward to going ‘home’, I shall miss All Saints when I return to worshiping in my local parish after Easter Day.

At least one couple I’ve made friends with wanted to hear me preach, but couldn’t actually be there last Sunday, so here for them, and anyone else who is interested, is the audio file of my sermon:

(click here) Why are we here?

When you are listening, please remember that this sermon was very much the result of my thoughts during my placement, and my prayers in connection with the Gospel passage from John 12:20-33

I am particularly grateful, again, to Alec to achieving this recording. All Saint’s don’t have recording kit, so I borrowed his Zoom H2 recording microphone, set it up on our old mic stand next to the pulpit, and simply let it run during the whole service. Graham has since cut out the sermon from the MP3 file using Audacity. The technical side of this project has in my view worked really well, and you can guess what’s on my Christmas list!


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