Best options for laptop wireless internet – away from home

Been wondering what to do to make it possible to operate on the web when away from home – like being at my Dad’s or out in the car waiting for Chris at orchestra practice or the like. This is partly because Dad wants things done on the internet, but doesn’t want to be on it himself… he’s spending his money on a new camera instead!

So, what do I do, or can I do, and how do I do it? Then I read this on the Church Times Blog from Spring Harvest, though it may be Dave Walker has a Blackberry rather than a laptop, I don’t know:

“One final note: I’m sorry that I haven’t have used the video camera I mentioned in my first post – I’d have liked to have done a few quick two minute interviews with people here about their experiences. However, having made enquiries and talked to someone from the communications department I was told I wasn’t allowed to use video without media accreditation, which I hadn’t got around to organising. I understand this policy, and realise in hindsight that I should have looked into this well before I arrived, so accepted the decision cheerfully. Having said that, in the blogging age such policies will in time need to become more open, as the divide between ‘media’ and ‘non-media’ will become less defined and people will talk online using all kinds about their experiences here, policy or no policy. If nothing else there are a lot of good stories to be told, and it is shame that there are restrictions on doing so using the technology that is now so freely available.”

I’d welcome any thoughts folk might have on solutions, or should I simply not bother?


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