Birds, blooms and boats

Probably not that exciting, but wanted to note that whilst watching the Chris sail for an hour at Hawley Lake (think M3 J4a) we saw our first Swallow of the year… just the one though.

One of Graham's Bluebell photos
One of Graham's Bluebell photos

(Chris passed his RYA Stage 3 sailing qualification at Easter and we got him youth membership at Hawley Lake – where they have previously film Scrap Heap Challenge because it’s part of Royal Engineers set up.)

Dog walking is producing a regular pair of Stonechats on the back of Blackbushe Airport, but definitely not the numbers of previous years, and still not a sign of Dartfords this year… last one I saw was the dead one I found in the winter. Something was singing today too – I want them to be Skylarks, but I gather they could be Meadow Pippits. I need lots of help with SBJs as they are not my strong point.

The bluebells are lovely all over the place, but I suspect will start to go over in the next week. There are a few in the bank along the lane to the airport, and lots in the copse on the way to Castle Bottom. I don’t think we’ll get this year to the lovely bit on the edge of Finchampstead Ridges that lies between Horseshoe lake and Ambarrow, but having driven past last night it’s one to try when we don’t have such a frantic spring. The Gorse has been in full bloom for ages, and the scent is heady, but some is now beginnning to go over, whilst the Hawthorne is in full bloom.

God blessing us with birds and blooms to lift the spirits.



  1. The bluebells near us are starting to go over. They look stunning though. It’s a blessing to be able to find the peace and quiet of a local area of wilderness and look and listen at life just going on around us.


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