A surprise encounter

My good friend and fellow trainee Ian, has just posted the audio of my sermon from Sunday (the one with Gabriel in it) at  http://www.stpetersyateley.org.uk/
– follow the links to Services and Sermons and I’m there on the list as “A surprise encounter” (Luke 1:26-38)!

Tomorrow I’m off to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park Racecourse where my main job is to order a cassock, probably from J&M Sewing, which brings the whole licensing thing a little closer!

I am very fortunate in that I have been given a surplice and Reader Scarf… and it’s a lovely story: Liz got me involved in Mothers’ Union several years ago – it was her that suggested to some diocesan folk I might have suitable skills to edit the ‘Archway’ newsletter, from which the rest is history!

Liz’s Mum is Thelma, a dear old lady who we think was one of the early women Readers in the Church of England… Women were first licensed as Readers exactly 40 years last Sunday (that’ll be the day I preached about Gabriel and the Holy Spirit then!) Thelma (also a staunch MU member) is now in a home, but Liz and her brother David very kindly found and with Thelma’s blessing, have given me, her surplice and Reader Scarf.

When licensing finally comes, I will be very honoured to wear them.


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