Pentecost Novena

Maggi Dawn talking about the period between Ascension and Pentecost as a period of Waiting… reminding me of Paula Gooder’s Advent book on waiting.

Having an explanation of what a “novena” and an “octave” is may also have uses in the future

maggi dawn: Pentecost Novena

My own period between Ascension and Pentecost is not being marked by a Novena, nor with the world prayer thing that I should be doing, as encouraged by our St. Peter’s clergy, because well… oh the excuses… but fairly high on the list are spending some much needed quality time with the husband (some of which could have been used praying together, I know), and doing what Johny Baker might call “curation” but the rest of call “co-ordinating” our open air Pentecost service this Sunday. It’s taken two evenings just to put together the service sheet!

And tomorrow is some rather special preparation for my Faith and Daily Life module (and some quality time with my Dad to celebrate his birthday!)

I think I can hear my spiritual director telling me not to be too hard on myself…

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