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Social networking in pastoral situations

I received a prize from my vicar today! He called it this month’s “keeping an ear to the ground” prize. The story goes like this. A local lad is currently training in New Zealand for his commercial pilots license. In … Continue reading

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Altar – ations?!

The following is a short talk/sermon I will be giving at our mid-week service on Wednesday morning. Based on Genesis 12:1-9 it uses as it’s illustration the current activities in our household as we prepare for 5 months of building … Continue reading

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Moon Communion

Greatful to Maggi, as I was unware of this… though I expect my husband did, being both science teacher and Christian. maggi dawn: Moon Communion The anniversary of the moon landings match those of my husband and I in age … Continue reading

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Divine Cricket

A fantastic day at Lord’s on Saturday for the Test Match, felt even better yesterday when the guys won the game! We can actually say we were there for at least part of the match that finally broke the Aussie … Continue reading

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The importance of robes?

Whilst writing about the recent formation of yet another select group of Anglican’s who want to prop up their own viewpoint, theologian Maggi Dawn wrote this week: “believe me, there is nothing, nothing, nothing remotely feminine about clerical dress. It … Continue reading

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Should we tell the parrot to “get stuffed”?

I was privileged to be “out of diocese” on Saturday at the Ordination to the Priesthood of a collegue of my husbands’ at Guildford Cathedral. The sermon was given by the Revd Canon David Eaton, formerly Vicar of Leatherhead and … Continue reading

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Evolution in Liturgy

The way I understand it “liturgy” is a collective noun for the prayers, actions, songs etc that make up an act of worship. But it also seems to be used as a noun in the singular, with people referring to … Continue reading

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A blog isn’t a website?!

Got some interesting feedback today from the marketing dept at Mothers’ Union today on the website this was originally a trial for I’d been asking for some feedback from them at head office, and finally got it, but I’m … Continue reading

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Proud parents, humble child

I know pride is meant to be a sin, and it can seriously trip you up if it’s misplaced, like it says in the proverb “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 13:10) But there … Continue reading

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