Proud parents, humble child

DSC_5955(web)I know pride is meant to be a sin, and it can seriously trip you up if it’s misplaced, like it says in the proverb “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 13:10)

But there are several references in Psalms that encourage us to take pride in our children, especially (given the society of the time) one’s sons. I must remember to look up why having “sons… like olive shoots around your table” was thought to be such a good thing (Psalm 128:3).

Now I’m hardly counted as fruitful (see the same Psalm and verse!) but I’m definitely proud of our lad at the moment. In the last week he has played in two concerts, the second of which was the result of entering himself in his lower school arts competition and being one of the winners. Seeing him dressed ‘cool’ in a yellow bowler hat playing ‘Yellow Submarine’ with the girls cheering and clapping along in the drama studio was a bit of a wake up call for this ‘mum’ – the lads world is moving on, and up.

That was Friday, the day after he had his block brace fitted. We dawdled home from Alton in the sunshine with Grandpa (via handing my latest assignment in at Old Alresford Place) and he idly mentioned he’d been told that morning by Mrs P that he’d passed his Grade 4 Oboe exam two marks shy of a distinction!

We were thrilled, and I think he was too but it really didn’t show – he doesn’t tend to remember things like exam results; last piano exam it took him three days to mention he’d got distinction and show us the certificate! This time we were pleased the news leaked out in just a few hours – resulting in a stop in Odiham as Grandpa treated us all to Ice-cream Sundae’s (not a bad food as a first try at eating with a brace.) Humility has it’s benefits.

Then Sunday, he manages to complete his British Canoe Union PaddlePower Passport Course (equivalent to BCU 1*), including paddling up the weir on the incoming tide at Stoke Lake, near Gosport.

So, we’re incredibly proud of all he’s achieved recently, and love him to bits. That’s the sort of pride to be … proud of?!


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