Divine Cricket

A fantastic day at Lord’s on Saturday for the Test Match, felt even better yesterday when the guys won the game! We can actually say we were there for at least part of the match that finally broke the Aussie grip on Lord’s tests.

We took delivery of the ‘Duckworth Lewis’ just before we drove to London on Friday, and several of the tracks are fantastic… my favourite being Jiggery Pockery… the wicket described is actually pictured in the Programme for the Lord’s Test!

I am delighted with the link to this video clip (HT to Alec)

BBC SPORT | Cricket | Hannon’s Divine love of cricket leads to album

and I shall be off the find ‘Pedelo’ on the i-tunes download later! Given Freddie’s 5-er has perfomed they definitely must write him a(nother) song.

Would highly recommend listening to this too (heard live during the ‘Welsh’ Test) Max Boyce on TMS at Cardiff

When I can download my mobile phone pics from Saturday, I’ll try and pop one up.

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