No going back now!

Side garden - before work started
Side garden - before work started

As I write, the builders radio in the garage next to me is “sitting on the dock of the bay” which would be a more peaceful place that where we are. So far this morning we’ve had a disc saw and pneumatic drill going as well as much banging as they continue to take the front off the garage, work which started at a rapid pace yesterday.

Monday was simply a day of transferring bits of kit, but good to their word, they arrived yesterday at 8am and worked through till 4.30pm setting up the temporary fencing in the back garden to stop Honey dog getting through. They then started work taking off the front of our garage to discover what footings exist (or don’t) under what was the garage door.

We took Honey with us to Alton for Cs orthodontic appointment (apparently he may be a record breaker, as his lower jaw has moved 4mm in 6 weeks and will be ready for the next brace at the end of the summer) and wandered round the market. Had to laugh, we ended up buying pies from the Pondhead stall – Pondhead being the nearest bit of open New Forest to my Dad’s house! Thoroughly recommended as the the mushrooms had been cooked in wine!

Side of house - end of Day 1
Side of house - end of Day 1

We walked the dog at Bushy Leaze Plantation on Medstead Hill at Beech – well protected from the drizzle by the dense mixed woodland, of which the beech trees are by my favourite, especially the shapes they make along the old field banks. At one point we could here raptors calling, but couldn’t get into the dense bit of conifer to locate what I suspect was fledglings. We also saw a lovely green an black stripped dragonfly, and C glimpsed the steam train on the Watercress line below us.

Anyway, when we returned home about 3.30pm we quickly realised there was now no going back on the extension project – as significant bits of the garage front were missing. The lads had also disturbed a colony of now very bewildered snails… who spent the rest of the evening climbing the remaining wall, covered in brick dust!

Front of house - end of Day 1
Front of house - end of Day 1

Now all we’ve got to do is stop the Honey dog going banana’s at every new or loud noise and movement!



  1. Exciting stuff and it still looks relatively neat and tidy instead of the normal bomb site resemblance of most building sites.


  2. We’ve been incredibly impressed and though I suspect we’re paying for the privilege, if this carries on as good as this, we wont regret it!


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