History of a hole

End of Week 1 of the building works and we have footings… though at present I wouldn’t like to stand on them – if I did, I’d end up encased in concrete!

On Wednesday we thought that we had a pretty deep hole in the garage doorway, though by morning the spade at the end of it was a bit buried by landslip after a little rain.

A good spades depth outside the garage on Wednesday
A good spades depth outside the garage on Wednesday

Then yesterday, we had three guys digging like their lives depended on it, and between them they had produced truly awesome holes. 140cm deep apparently as they had to dig to the depth of the existing foundations, and discovered that we had been built very high with the ground level raised around us!

However, we had torrents of rain for hours last night. About 11pm reading in bed, we heard a loud squelching sound followed
by a grating noise! A trip to the doorstep with the torch revealed a large landslip had actually shifted the 8′ ladder left in the hole for them to get in and out. By this morning, more had fallen in, so there was a lot more to dig before the building inspector arrived about 11am.

140cm deep - before the rain it looked good!
140cm deep - before the rain it looked good!
Concrete delivery becomes a spectator sport!

The building inspector was followed by swiftly by a rather big boys toy… the concrete delivery lorry – mixed and instantaneously delivered down a shoot, with C and his friend D sat in the window above watching! So now we are surrounded with a moat of fast drying concrete and a very large pile of subsoil. We’re well pleased with the week, and look forward to next.

We took C down to Hawley Lake tonight and the older lads convinced him to enter the evening race in a Topper – a hilarious affair undertaken with great good will in a flat calm. Out of the eight boats, C had the advantage of his Toppers’ handicap and his junior status – coming third in this his first race!


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