Calm before the storm?

Shed foundations - and a gap in the fence
Shed foundations - and a gap in the fence

Well it’s the end of the second week of building work and today has been total calm as the lads have had to attend a funeral today: their old boxing coach has sadly died.

However there’s been plenty of progress through the week: we’ve lost the doorstep, outside cupboard and the roof over the doorstep; the foundations for the shed are dug and concreted, and the first stages of aligning the front wall seemed to happen yesterday, with a dramatic pair of holes into the front of the house, we think to allow air to circulate beneath a raised floor.

I “preached” last Sunday at our Summer Sunday 10am congregation – in the end it was 3 linked talk/activity slots on God’s Promise to David in 2 Samuel 7:1-13 which involved a beach tent and lots of cardboard boxes! We started by talking about the importance and problems of tents; then we talked about a temple, why David thought it was a good idea, and built one round our ”sacred chest” using empty cardboard boxes; lastly we discovered why God wasn’t so keen on the idea and who the ultimate ‘temple’ would be, concluding with using the same boxes to build a large cross. Although I found it really tough to deliver (such ‘think spots’ demand the memory I don’t have and interaction with the kids) it was reasonably well received.

What's left around the front door
What's left around the front door

Since then there has been a bit of a lull in my normally frenetic life. I’ve read at least two girly novels this week, lounged in the bath for at least one morning (with a book), and watched my son sail… a lot! He had a day with Grandad on Tuesday at Littleton SC (where I found a pair of Holly Blue butterflies on some ivy), did race training with A in a Topaz Omega on Wednesday, and we’ve just returned from Hawley Lake where he came 11th out of 13 in his first pursuit race, sailing a Pico (so he beat the other Pico and one other boat). Somehow I ended up keeping tabs on the race placings, holding an instructors dog, and finally got invited to crew sometime soon! Something to be avoided methinks.

Also purchased and “pay and go” 3G dongle from Vodaphone to enable me to blog away from home. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well at Hawley, and I don’t think it will work from Lyndhurst (which appears to be an internet poor village both by cable and otherwise). It does work at church though, and I’m hoping it will work at Swanwick in the autumn!

Female Holly Blue
Female Holly Blue

Now we’ve got a week of family dominated trips out, plus I need to remember I’m leading and preaching at 8am Morning Prayer on 23rd before have a “4 generations lunch” in Bournemouth. That might sound busy, but it shouldn’t be too bad; definitely calmer than normal. After that it will be back to life in the really fast lane, as it’s all downhill to the stormy waves of life at the start of the academic year in a school orientated household, plus I’ve got Mothers’ Union meetings, the last Reader Residential of training, MU conference and … well I guess you know already!


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