Badger, Badger, Mushroom!

Female (r) and juvenile (l) badger
Female (r) and juvenile (l) badger

Big, beautiful, badgers. Three of them in total! And we saw them two nights running at Dad’s!! Totally wild but addicted to peanuts, one of them came within touching distance of us, and they don’t seem to mind the camera lights, so a fantastic opportunity for us to photograph wild badgers!

These are my best two shots, but the lad (who has grown an inch in 5 weeks!) got the best piccie. I’ve not included it here because
a) it’s his not mine
b) we’re going to try and get him to enter it for the Countryfile Photographic Competition!

Juvenile badger - up close and personal!
Juvenile badger - up close and personal!

We also had two lovely outings. The first in the forest, parking near Thrifty Gate (off the A31 at Stoney Cross near Minstead) and walking down to Admiral Murray’s Passage then across to the 500ish year old Withybed Oak and back up to Andrew’s Mare before crossing back to Thrifty Gate. It was a bit drizzly and quite blowy, which meant not great for dragonflies which we’d hoped to see at the stream in Murray’s Passage. Neither did we see any deer, but we did find some good fungi, including a few mushrooms and this lovely bracket fungi (which I need to look up an i.d. for).

Fab Fungi
Fab Fungi

Our other outing was to Keyhaven (overlooking Hurst Castle) where we walked some of the lagoons on the reserve. Birding highlights included several Egrets, Heron, 2 Shelduck, 1 Tern, a flock of Turnstones, 3 Ringed Plover, several Oystercatcher, and a large community of Redshanks. We also heard Curlew but never saw them. Over lunch on the “key” we watched a Cormorant swallow and eel – but didn’t have the camera to hand!

C spent most of his time watching boats – and particular a ICAP sail that dwarfed everything else in the Solent. He’s back on the water again tomorrow with his Grandad!


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  1. Hi R, thank you for sharing these pictures of the badgers, there are beautiful! A friend of mine nearby gets foxes in her garden and they come this close too. This year our small garden has been a refuge for nesting wood pigeons, blackbirds and dunnocks (not good for the hanging washing though!).


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