Standing on firm ground

Our dinky shed emerges
Our dinky shed emerges

Week three of the building work is complete and with it our hard surfaces, and half the shed walls. It’s been a tad noisy at times, but the holiday season has meant we’ve been able to escape by spending time with our family at various points.

The shed isn’t as big as I’d hoped on the inside, but as big as we could have and still keep the greenhouse. How I’m going to fit everything back in at the end of the build I have no idea, but I suppose some shed is better than no shed.

The first layer of the floor for the new hall is down and solid as a rock, which at least means we’re walking on firm ground as we go in and out. In the fullness of time, Cs room will come out 2/3 of the way out over that surface.

Bison beams and blocks in our new hall!
Bison beams and blocks in our new hall!

It’s been good to spend time with folk, and we conclude with a trip to Bournemouth tomorrow – it will be good to have all four generations together, as it doesn’t happen often. C has continued sailing this week, coming 2nd in the youth race at training night on Wednesday. The only wildlife highlight has been a Common Darter at the inlaws on Tuesday, my photo of which has had several compliments on the Flickr site: Common Darter


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