Forget Jericho – our walls go up!

Gone - the garage roof went Thursday
Gone - the garage roof went Thursday

Another week of huge accomplishments on the building front.

We now have all our ground floor external walls and window spaces, the utility boxes have been moved to their new positions without a hitch, the roof has been taken off the garage, the scaffolding went up this morning, and this afternoon the paving started to go down round the shed to the back door – all with the slope going in the correct directions!

DSCN0592wIn other aspects of life, the family work rate has definitely recovered from partial holiday mode and is back at almost full tilt, even though school doesn’t re-start till next week.

G has completed a third of the upper-sixth scheme of work for next academic, and I received the pack for my last Reader Training module: ‘The Mission of the Church in Contemporary Society’. So I’ve been finishing off some of the summer’s to-do list including Mothers’ Union website updates, to make space for a period of frantic work – what you might call a wall of work going up. I have the module reading, half an assignment and ‘Archway’ to fit in round the start of term and friends on furlough from Tanzania visiting to share the duties at an evening service. All that in the space of 2 weeks before our last residential – a pleasant surprise though to find it is to be at Park Place Pastoral Centre so I can stock up on the nuns lovely Aubergine Chutney!


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