I may look forward…

Received a letter today from the Warden of Readers that makes it official:

“In the view of those responsible for initial Reader Training you have successfully completed the Reader Training Programme and may look forward to being Licensed on 3rd October 2009.”

So I am really to be a Reader or if you prefer the terminology, Licensed Lay Reader. I feel rather odd about it really: still not quite sure I’m really up to the role, not feeling really like I can be a minister; but in the good moments sure of a calling to do these preaching, teaching  things and try and make a difference in the world for God.

No great nerves, excitement or happiness I’m afraid, far too much to do in the next five weeks for that! Bless him, G insisted we have a take-away tonight to ‘celebrate’, but I had to go buy it because he’d had a gardening accident with a freshly sharpened pair of secetares he was mis-using – a 1.5cmlong and deep cut in his left thumb! Bless him!!



    • Thank you.

      I know the hard work of training modules doesn’t finish till later this year, and I still have a Uni essay to write after Christmas for the attendant foundation degree, but setting those aside, I suspect the hard work is only just starting!

      However, God is good, and I rely on the fact that he has much more faith in me than I have, and will equip me as we go on together.

      Every blessing to you as you start your final years work!


  1. “….still not quite sure I’m really up to the role, not feeling really like I can be a minister….”

    Rachel, that’s the confirmation that you ARE called to the role!

    See Eph 2:10. And read it substituting ‘I am ‘ for ‘we are’ and ‘me’ for ‘us’.



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