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Here I am

It is now only 3 days till my licensing as a Lay Minister (Reader). I am very grateful to Father A who led our Quiet Day at Furzey House on Saturday for continuing your good work at getting my head … Continue reading

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Spiritual Squirrels making me smile

Spotted this on my Google reader as I shut down after a late evening writing a report about last weeks Mothers’ Union marketing conference. I was already smiling with bright ideas for the next three years I want to put … Continue reading

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Mission, Ministry and Marketing

Given that I should be concentrating on the mission of my local church and my own ministry for this terms module, this posting from Bishop Alan struck me as interesting and something to look at more closely. Bishop Alan’s Blog: … Continue reading

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Roof beams and scaffolding

It is now seven weeks since the builders arrived and we continue to be well impressed by progress. During the course of the last couple of weeks the whole of the ground floor walls and roof timbers have been completed … Continue reading

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Two things that made me smile today

The first relates to recent posts, and was sent by a well-wisher. I hadn’t given this poem a thought let alone considered it’s appropriateness, but it and I were well aquainted. 16 years ago at my brother-in-laws wedding, I sang … Continue reading

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How much of a pioneer am I?

HT to Maggi Dawn for this link… sustain:if:able kiwi » pioneers and pastors? poles apart or creative tensions Though point 9 is irrelevant there are several things here that link with some of our Mission and Ministry Module stuff that … Continue reading

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Turning corners

Talking about things helps, especially when there’s such an encouraging bunch of you reading this drivel I churn out. I’m not totally sure if it was meant for me, but this felt like it, for starters. As you’ve said Andy, … Continue reading

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Crisis of confidence

I know this is partly bred of being overtired, and partly natural (according to our Warden of Readers who dismissed my mutterings as flippancy) but I’ve been having an acute attack of “What me God? You have to be joking!” … Continue reading

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Is blogging a ministry?

There’s been a bit of talk going round about female bibliobloggers and theobloggers (doesn’t the internet invent new words fast for the English language) – see here and here at Maggi Dawn’s blog. All of which got me thinking about … Continue reading

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Doing something interactive

Fascinated to read Bishop Alan’s post today about socialnomics. What he’s saying I take as encouragement that what I’ve been trying to do with has been trying to use wisely (even if at a small scale), the things that … Continue reading

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