Little things please…

DSCN0607cwThe little thing that pleased this week was a drain. We’ve had drainage issues down the side of our house since we moved here, but the advent of a path that slopes correctly downhill, with a properly constructed drain under the outside tap appears to have cured all that!

The chaps only managed a 3 day week this week, partly because of the Bank Holiday and partly because the RSJs failed to show up as expected. However the paving at the side of the house is complete except for what I call ‘grouting’ and they call… something else which I can’t remember.

They also made some very large but neat holes in the garage floor where the loo, shower and washing machine outlet are to be – they need to put the new fixings in before the insulation and final floor stuff goes down. The vibrations as they drilled the existing concrete were stupendous especially experienced while sat in the armchair trying to work.

This week is going to be frenetically busy partly in prep for the final residential study weekend, but we’re also looking forward to welcoming our friends Tony and Cath from AIM International. They are on furlough from Morogoro in Tanzania and their little stay with us (about 17 hours) will give us the chance to catch up having not seen them for nearly 10 years, and St. Peter’s the chance to hear about their work at our mid-month 2:42 meeting (think Acts 2:42-7). Tony leads a theological training programme, and Cath works with disabled children and is about to take up new work with those suffering HIV/AIDS.

I think I shall be using part of the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-14) as our Biblical inspiration for the evening: it struck me whilst doing some reading for my Mission module, how much I need an upwelling of love for all people if I am to minister effectively. Love is such a little word, which we need such a big lot of – the sort of totally unconditional stuff that makes a real difference to peoples lives.

Then I thought this also has something to say to St.Ps if we are to fund-raise for and then use effectively our new community centre which recently gained planning permission (anyone with a cool £3m in the bank please contact me, as we could use it..!) Now my memories of Tony and Cath is that they understand and exhibit the reality of God’s ‘living water’ both by their characters and their chosen ministry. Hopefully, with almost no communication, God is control and the ideas will all tie up on the night – why not come and find out!

Small wildlife note: today’s dog walk produced a new butterfly in our favourite tussocky field – but we didn’t have the camera with us, so no photo of a Small Copper. There is still the odd dragonfly floating around too, despite the cool early September days.

Little things…


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