Doing something interactive

Fascinated to read Bishop Alan’s post today about socialnomics. What he’s saying I take as encouragement that what I’ve been trying to do with has been trying to use wisely (even if at a small scale), the things that are available to us to communicate our love of God and actions taken in his strength.

It particularly made me think that Jesus used the contemporary media of his day – people told stories to illustrate what they wanted to say, something he used to great affect I seem to remember in his parables!


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  1. Thanks for the ink, and for all you’re doing. The Winchester MU site strikes me as a wonderful way to go — you don’t have to be a techie to use it, and it gives a really strong view of the MU as an internationally connected network, as well as part of the Wincester diocese. I’l certainly plug it to our MU people!


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