How much of a pioneer am I?

HT to Maggi Dawn for this link…

sustain:if:able kiwi » pioneers and pastors? poles apart or creative tensions

Though point 9 is irrelevant there are several things here that link with some of our Mission and Ministry Module stuff that I suspect I could do with reflecting upon and in some cases actioning, and certainly 3 is something that’s been rattling around my head as I find myself reflecting on ‘failures’ to respond appropriately (in a way that will be an example of, or develop faith) during baptism prep visits.

It also asks me the question, how much of a pioneer am I? Given that I tend to be someone who ‘does things for the first time’ (that is in a community like church or Mothers’ Union) part of me thinks I am. Yet here I am setting out on something new to me, which each Lay Minister (Reader) can make of what God wills that individual, and feeling incredibly un-pioneer-like (still… but getting there.) This assumes of course that a pioneer doen’t have to be creating fresh-expressions or emerging church, just doing something ‘new’ for that community, or even something ‘old’, better.

Then there’s the whole handing on to others so you can do the next thing – I can see that looming in my Mothers’ Union commitments already, and I have a totally blank canvas to work with… there’s no one helping me doing the marketing and comms work at present (except our wonderful Diocesan Secretary who is doing so much else as well). If I’m not going to get stuck in a rut, I need to be working on the ‘succession’ from day one… that will be January’s job to start then.

I particularly like Steve Taylor’s point 8 for it’s simple, practical and workable solution that hopefully won’t upset folk… readers who know me, can be the judges of whether I ever manage to put it into action.

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  1. thanks for posting this – the sustain:if:able Kiwi post is really interesting and applies not just to ‘scarfed ones’ but I found it applicable to teaching in terms of people and resource management…. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….


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