Mission, Ministry and Marketing

Given that I should be concentrating on the mission of my local church and my own ministry for this terms module, this posting from Bishop Alan struck me as interesting and something to look at more closely.

Bishop Alan’s Blog: Good news in Gerrards Cross

Point 2 especially seems to be similar to how we seek to operate at St. Peter’s – but we’ve not broken the 400 barrier! I wonder if it is worth a visit?

Blogged now to return to as tomorrow morning I’m off to Swanwick for the Mothers’ Union Marketing Conference. I am hoping that if the technology lets me I shall be blogging from there either here, or at http://www.muwinchester.org.uk/ I shall also be posting the discussion paper I’ve written about websites to share my enthusiasm for blog based content management.

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  1. Hi Reader To Be,

    In case you weren’t aware, Mothers’ Union is now on Twitter! Although it doesn’t offer detailed blogging, it does give snippets of information relevant to the work of Mothers’ Union. You can find us on http://twitter.com/ @MothersUnion.

    Best wishes,



    • Yes I knew MSH – and Fiona and I are telling everyone at the Mothers’ Union Marketing Conference, but if you do a search on Twitter it says it can’t find us which is really frustrating!


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