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Wording a Vision

At St. Peter’s in Yateley we’re re-visiting a vision forming process that started in 2007. This is happening at the same time as I have been working on an assignment reviewing the mission and evangelist activity of my parish (and … Continue reading

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Extension – the action moves inside

The building work has definitely turned a significant corner today. The roof is complete and structurally we’re all there as you can see. The only reason the scaffolding isn’t down is because the firm it belongs to, can’t come till … Continue reading

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Here we go again… women, priesthood and the episcopate

On a less cheerful note, and commenting on the current top church news story, the other issue that has once again reared it’s ugly head (in the Church of England) is women in the episcopate. ONE of the things that … Continue reading

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Here we go again… builders and assignments

There has been a lull in the building works (conveniently) over the last 10 days, but we think the guys are back from their holiday tomorrow, and with a great weather forcaste this week we’re looking forward to progress. They … Continue reading

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The Rich Man and Jesus reflect (Mark 10 v17-31)

This was what came out as a ‘sermon’ this morning at our 8am Morning Prayer. It’s a bit different, but received a couple favourable comments this morning, which is actually really encouraging because often there is little feedback at that … Continue reading

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Of books, time and the Kingdom of God

I’ve started working on some exegesis for this weeks Gospel reading: Mark 10:17-31 (the Rich Man) in preparation for an early start on Sunday (8am Morning Prayer) and wondering what possessions I have that might stop me entering the Kingdom … Continue reading

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Starting the rest of my life (and losing some brackets)

So they’ve gone. No longer am I a ‘Reader (to be) in Writing’… but instead a ‘Reader in Writing’, authorised, admitted and licensed. One set of brackets have gone, but the others, though slightly re-worded, will remain until the last … Continue reading

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I ‘discovered’ this Affirmation of Faith at Mothers’ Union National Marketing Conference last month, where it was part of our final morning’s worship. This was led by one of our Welsh committee members, therefore I suspect it could be attributable … Continue reading

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