I ‘discovered’ this Affirmation of Faith at Mothers’ Union National Marketing Conference last month, where it was part of our final morning’s worship. This was led by one of our Welsh committee members, therefore I suspect it could be attributable in the Church of Wales liturgy, but I may be wrong… it also has strong celtic overtones I would say. If you can tell me the attribution I would be most grateful.

It seems strangely appropriate at this time as I start to reflect on being a licensed minister… more of which later:

We believe in God whose Word calls us into being, whose breath brings us to life and goes on breathing new life into all things. We believe in Jesus Christ who as sent into the world and walks with us still, sharing in our unknown journey. We believe in the Holy Spirit who call s on to truth and light, stirring within our being, like the movement of music on the wind, dancing on before us and beckoning us into freedom and new life.


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