Of books, time and the Kingdom of God

I’ve started working on some exegesis for this weeks Gospel reading: Mark 10:17-31 (the Rich Man) in preparation for an early start on Sunday (8am Morning Prayer) and wondering what possessions I have that might stop me entering the Kingdom of God.

DSCN0644cwWell there’s a few more books to add to the collection after people’s generosity at the weekend, but they’re designed to help me, or through me to help others, to understand Jesus, so hopefully they won’t be a problem!

The thing that I think is actually most likely to be a problem is the same thing that will most likely stop me reading most of them in the near future… lack of time. So could my most damaging possession be the sticky-notes on my iGoogle page that tell what I need “to do”?

What I’m hoping is that with our real weeks holiday looming (after the next assignment, if I can find time to do it) I can at least take two thin volumes with me. I’m thinking the little blue Celtic Liturgy, and Trevor Dennis’ ‘Three faces of Christ’ which looks like it might be a ‘read out loud’ as a reflective, family thing to do in a quiet cottage on Exmoor.

Reading Tom Wrights ‘Mark for Everyone’ today I learnt a lot about how the Jews viewed the much anticipated ‘Age to Come’ and how what I thought were almost parentheses in the passage, aren’t… it was a question about the Law that Jesus answered in reference to the Law and therefore the commandments – with NTWs help I found them. But it left me wondering:

  • How many of us really want to inherit the Kingdom of God?
  • What does God bringing heaven and earth together look like?
  • Does it, or should it, look like me.. us… Jesus?
Another picture from Saturday - Licensed to play a part in bringing forward the Kingdom of God!
Another picture from Saturday - Licensed to play a part in bringing forward the Kingdom of God!

One comment

  1. I think I’ve got a sermon for Sunday now, and I’ll post it then, but in the meantime, two thoughts…

    The first in answer to my last two bullet points:

    I believe we are partly there witnessing the Kingdom of God already. There are people I know through which I see God’s Kingdom shining bright and clear as they let God do his work with them and to others…

    The second thought is this:

    Was the rich man’s question actually better than the one that Peter asked, which was basically “what is the point of us being here then” (v28)?… had the disciples lost sight of the end game?

    Have we?


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