The Alpha and Omega of our extension

It’s been a while. What started on 3rd August finally finished on Wednesday 2nd December – 4 months exactly. It’s over, the extension is complete. The porter-loo finally departed yesterday! And, it’s quite a transformation as you can see from the piccies.

The beginning...

I have to say that M & P D’Santos have been fantastic: Mick, Paul and Joe plus Ben in the early weeks and all the various sub-contractors recently, have been great. They have worked really hard, provided their own facilities, coped with my inane questions and taught me much. I can’t say I miss them, the peace was wonderful on Thursday morning, but if you’ve got to have builders, they are good to have around.

... and after!
...and the end!

They have even provided me with the inspiration for tomorrows sermon – I’m preaching on the Advent 2 readings of Phillipians 1:3-11 and Luke 3:1-6 at the West Hill Chapel of HMP Winchester… a more evangelistic style than my usual – I’ll post it tomorrow! (Part of my ministry as a Mothers’ Union member, if you’re wondering.)

So they’ve done the really hard work, making everything ready for us (spot another Advent theme) and all we have to do now is bring the project to completion (like the Kingdom of God being ‘now but not yet’?) with the addition of some sanding, some paint and some furnishings! Nice gentle winter occupations then 🙂

I have to admit, we’ve not strained ourselves this weekend – I think we’re just enjoying the end of this building phase. We did however do some desperately needed cleaning in the kitchen – condensation had caused an infestation of mould behind the houseplants on the window sills which we attacked on our return from showing a great-gran photo’s of the home improvements!

Even Honey-dog is beginning to relax, a bit, slightly. I think she’s even more pleased to sense the return of normality than I am, though she is fascinated by these new rooms that she has to explore in. As we all wander through on odd errands a few minor niggles are becoming noticeable (the utility door needs tweeking slightly) and the electrician re-appears briefly on Monday to sort the new front light fitting (either we’re being ditsy, or the wiring’s not quite right) but we’re really pleased with the finish inside, and just hope we can make it as cheerful and welcoming as it deserves to be.



  1. What a transformation! It really looks good. After 4 months I can well believe that it’s nice to have the house to yourselves again. I hope that the work left to you will not seem too onerous and won’t cast a shadow over your Christmas celebrations. I’m sure that it will all make life in your house better for you and your visitors. Your home has always been cheerful and welcoming due to you living there.
    Well done for surviving all the turmoil, I’m sure you’ve earned a bit of a relaxed weekend.


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