Church as Bride of Christ

The Bride of Christ - All Age Props and some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (Nov 09)

Today we have approximately 10″ of snow and counting – but it is also the mid-point in our Week of Prayer at  St. Peter’s Yateley.

Today we should be considering how we are church, and should be church, through the imagery of the Bride of Christ. This was something on which I preached recently but I don’t think I posted it… my All Age Sermon notes on the theme are here:  Sermon Rev21v1-5 (All Age Talks) If you want to look at them to see where I’ve got the following questions from, remember they are notes, and also that it was a service where the children shared in everything.

There are thoughts as to how we might make this evenings prayer meeting happen – possibly in local homes – and we’ll announce that this afternoon, but in the mean time here are a few of my thoughts for those people in Yateley who are thinking and praying about the future of St. Peter’s this week:

Readings: Revelation 21:1-9 and Isaiah 62:1-5

Israel was an unfaithful bride (Jeremiah 3:6 and Matthew 12:38-9) – in what ways are we as a church being unfaithful to our bridegroom (God)?

Our Bridegroom is Jesus – Jesus death on the cross was also the price paid for us to enable us to be his bride. What will it cost us to let God get us as a church into a fitting state to be Jesus’ bride? What needs to be polished or cut off to make us sparkle as ‘a crown of splendour’ (Isaiah 62:3) fitting to take Jesus’ (our Lord’s) hand?

No bride prepares themselves without help – it is God that is preparing us, he will help us create that sparkle with which he wants us to serve Jesus as his bride. What does God want to adorn us with?

Married couples share tasks – sometimes doing them together, sometimes supporting each other by doing different tasks. What are the tasks that we should be concentrating on as we work alongside Jesus in Yateley – without putting the church family in debt? What are the values our marriage to Jesus places on us when we think about how we should be carrying them out?

While I dwell on those questions I shall walk the dog in the snow. What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: There are 8 venues around Yateley for people to pray, one is the church, the others are private homes. Attached is the prayer sheet that you can use to guide your prayers either at one of those venues or in your own home. God bless and stay safe: St Ps Week of Prayer Bride of Christ – Snowbound Prayers Worksheet


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