Technical Update

At various points in past months I’ve worried about the capabilities of my old Palm, partially converted information to Googlemail and Google Calendar but then not been able to access it. There’s also been the anti-virus question – though Gs Vista laptop is butch enough to cope, my XP laptop and the old house machine were grinding through a 10 minute boot-up before you could use them!

So for you lovely folk who have offered advice and such like, this is where we’ve ended up:

G managed to lose his phone taking C to the cinema to see Avatar with some friends for Cs birthday, which precipitated some head scratching as to what we do for mobile phones. Given the issues we’d come across, for the first time in our lives we decided that I should go onto a contract, and get us at least one phone that had 3G connectivity. I’ve ended up with T-mobile with a LG-GW620 and though I’m still technically a little lost at times, the ability to get emails in places I couldn’t normally (including the armchair, without the need to get the laptop out) as well as the access to Google Calendar, has already started to show benefits.

My best geek moment of the last week since I got it was being able to announce to 150-ish Mothers’ Union members the news that Canon Andrew White was responding so well to stem-cell treatment for his MS that he had managed to run the length of St. George’s in Baghdad (just because I’d got his email update from FRRME while sat in St. Saviours, Brockenhurst)!

G ended up with my old clam-shell phone with a new sim card in it to which O2 kindly sent his old phone number – he largely only uses it to say he’s on his way home from school!

On the anti-virus front, thanks to Steve’s visit and yet more conversation on the subject, we ended up putting AVG on all the machines. It even managed to find a trojan on one machine that must have been there for ages! We also bought a wireless network card (Edimax from Novatech) for the house machine so that it’s stopped dropping out in its new home – our proper office upstairs! Now my laptop is the only thing that gets drop out regularly, even sometimes with a dongle plugged in to boost it.

So my thanks for your advice folks – we’ve not used all of it, but it was really helpful and it was great that finally we’re sorted for a bit, at least till technology takes another leap we need to follow (or we can afford to upgrade the TV!) There is also the small matter of needing the time to tranfer the remaining Palm contacts to Google… after the essay is done methinks, the Palm’s not dead yet!

Finally, I continue to be incredibly impressed with the service of Zen Internet – the contract for the Mothers’ Union website was up for renewal and I needed to arrange Direct Debit payments from the charity account rather than use my credit card. So far so easy – great people to do business with.


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