Paying and praying

I’m grateful to the webmaster of the campaign to save the chaplaincy at Southampton University for an update, showing that all parties (the students, the Diocese of Winchester and other parties) are all still working to save the post of Rev Simon Stevens for his continuing ministry. All the latest news is in their recent press release and its very encouraging – please pray that something really good comes out of all this, soon!

I was also pleased to read recently that the Diocesan Chaplain for the Deaf appears to have been given a parish post in Southampton, presumably from where he continue his role to some extent along side additional parish duties.

All this because those who can, aren’t always giving enough to support the work of the church that they worship in, especially in areas of outreach and pastoral need that they can’t necessarily see, and often don’t hear about in their parishes. Which is why the Diocese had to make cuts – if you want some of the background its here.

I was thinking only at the weekend when I had the joy of preaching at All Saints Basingstoke, how few churches use either the Anglican or purely Diocesan Cycle of Prayer – I know we don’t at St. Peter’s. I’m thinking that possibly if we did (and perhaps it had a bit more background info with it) awareness of the need to pray and pay might increase! Something for me to think about in a parish context, and perhaps talk about with the vicar.


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