Remembering that God put me where I am

"Bloom where you are planted" like the bluebells will, even in the shade of an overcrowded copse where just a little light shines through

I’m really struggling this Lent. Responding to the desperate cries for help of everything from Saturday’s bride (nothing more exciting than sorting the playing of a CD), through the needs of a baptism family where the Godparents need enough notice to book (cheapish) flights from the US, to the very real needs of a friend… all of which have seemed more urgent thanan essay (due now, two weeks today). I’ve really battled to remain committed too, to the CMD Storytelling booked months ago to share with my husband. But we are both leaving this afternoon, dog and son in the care of my Dad.

Today’s Holy Communion Gospel (Mark 12:28-34) talks about love of God and love of neighbour being more important that burnt sacrifices – I wondered if my essay is a burnt sacrifice… an offering that costs, or a waste of time?

And yet just now I’ve been reminded that God put me where I am, and presumably that’s the parish and the essay. More helpful than anything else this Lent has been the reflections of Fr Andrew Dotchin based on ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Margery Williams, posted by “amanbreathing“:

When faced with the challenges brought to me by other people’s journey of faith I need to remember that God put me where I am now. For this moment it is in this place that I must live out the love of God… Anything less would be unfaithfulness and demonstrate an unwillingness to be shaped by the One who made me.

I have to trust that I can do both, and pray that God clears the next fortnight of people’s needs enough for me to celebrate my freedom with them when the essay is handed in.

Just in case your interested, the essay title is:

What theological themes should emerge within the preparation of couples for marriage and how might these influence the contents of a preparation course?

PS There’s a Stonechat and a Skylark returned to the back of Blackbushe Airport – the first since all that winter snow!


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