Sat at the dining table with lunch in the lull that goes before really getting to grips with writing the essay rather than researching for it, I am watching a Wren hard at work by the bird bath on a wash and brush up.

Spring is finally in the air and from the first narcissi flowering in the front garden, I sense the ground temperature is up.

Early on Sunday morning in Old Alresford G and I took a walk along the watercress beds. Among the treats was an Egret, a cobb Swan with his wings up, and best of all a gimpse of fast moving electric blue: a Kingfisher!

Later in the day a Brimstone butterflycaught the attention of us all as it flittered in the garden at OAP.

Yesterday the usual dog walk confirmed the return of male and female Stonechats and a Skylark. Today an increasing amount of gorse in flower and pine cones crackling open in the sunshine. Also the last week has seen the amount of pussy willow beginning to “furr” increase.

Enough to lift the spirits…


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