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A dogged focus on values

I’m looking forward to the next session of the St Peter’s group that is working on identifying values that we discern are important to us as a church for the future. This is the work we’ve been developing with Laurence … Continue reading

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Wanting to turn cartwheels

These were taken this morning as I walked back from taking the car to have its bumper re-sprayed… the result of a minor scrape at the garage when it went for MOT last month, and all done free of charge. … Continue reading

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Wild flowers and other wildlife wonders

Been meaning to load these off the phone since Easter week but typically life has been busy. C spent that week sailing and has now passed his Stage 4 and his Seamanship module. G and I worked really hard (marking … Continue reading

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Forgiving is harder than being forgiven – John 20:19-23

Here’s my sermon from last Sunday – Easter 2 (using both the John 20:19-23 reading and the Epistle reading Acts 5:27-32) It seems like what the Bible tells us is that if we don’t forgive, we can not expect to … Continue reading

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Leaving Thomas in favour of the grace to forgive

Easter 2 and the lectionary Gospel is John 20:19 – 31 and the Epistle is Acts 5:27-32. For some reason I feel compelled to set Thomas aside, and favour of forgiveness – a theme which appears in both readings. We … Continue reading

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The battle continues

The battle with the final essay for the FdA at the University is still going I’m afraid. Making a commitment to home re-organationand family meant I missed the pre-Easter deadline for the final essay (for the Uni – it’s on … Continue reading

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I’ve gotta go

We were a tight team. We’d been working for about three years or so, going round, place to place, you know? Josh had this idea about making life better – mad altruism we thought. But it caught on and people … Continue reading

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