More wildflowers and spring activities



A pleasant family walk whilst celebrating two birthdays this weekend produced these delightful scenes at Sheepsleas near West Horsley in Surrey.

I have a real ‘thing’ about Bluebells… which stem from childhood walks at a place near Fritham in the New Forest, and I get very excited wherever I see them to this day. Cowslips speak to me of real English rural pasture, something that we have so little of these days. At Sheepsleas I don’t think it’s grazed but they somehow maintain this fantastic wildflower meadow – later in the season it will be full of herbs, day flying moths and butterflies.

On Wednesday last week I both heard my first Cuckoo of the year, and saw it as well! Dad and I took an hours ramble from Thrifty Gate near Stoney Cross – a good place to meet so we dog walk before I take on the one-way system into Lyndhurst.

Other than that, with the dog’s missing toenail growing back slowly and a rather busy diary, I’ve not been out and about much. We’ve sorted out a load more belongings and I’ve made two trips to our church charity shop. A lot of the things I want to get back to remain slightly hypothetical, though I have got as far as ordering my Fishing License for this year, buying the makings of two hanging baskets and I’ve acquired some greenhouse veg, courgette and spicy salad plants!


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