Make over

These beauties were in buckets ready to be arranged for a wedding on Saturday!

To celebrate the success of the final essay and the fact it is spring, and inspired by the new WordPress theme ‘Twenty Ten’ I’ve given the blog a bit of a make over.

The new header photo was taken by big G this evening in the churchyard of St. Peter’s where there are currently blue, white and mauve bells (not, I fear, native).

There are various features I think are better, like the footer widgets, though whether I’m making best use of them I’m not sure. If I use more pages, the drop down from the page links will also be good – currently only visible under ‘Theology’. Behind the scenes, the fact that the Editor now gives you an accurate visual representation of what the finished post looks like, is also a really helpful improvement. As yet I’ve not decided whether to customise the fonts – for the moment I like the default; its certainly larger and easier to read than it’s predecessor.

So, please let me know what you think and tell me if there’s anything you’re used to seeing that I’ve missed, or that you want moved up from the footer widgets.

Should I write more permanent pages, and if so what about? One idea would be to feature the wildlife of specific areas, and another the theology of specific things that interest me (stuff on marriage perhaps)? Or should I create a feature page of my essays from the training course, rather than making folks trawl through the archives or the tag cloud? I’d welcome your thoughts please!


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