Wedding – horse and carriage

St Peter's Yateley 15th May 2010

Great couple got married at St. Peter’s this last weekend, and with their special guest greeting them as they came out of church, they let me take some photo’s that our webmaster will be able to use on our website. The bride will be riding the horse (who was impeccably behaved) in a triatholon next month.

In conversation with the Moxham’s of Bolyn Wedding Car Hire, they wanted to use a photo I took on their website too (with the couple’s permission), which I was happy to do. They’ve been more efficient than me though and got the picture up faster (here – scroll to bottom)! The horse and the old car (carriage) looked really good together. Another good connection made in case we get to go ahead with the Wedding Fair idea at St. Peter’s next year.

It got me thinking again about the things that people regard as important parts of their new life together, how much these can and should be shared by the couple, or at least understood by both partners as to the degree of importance that is given to different aspects of their life. And how can we enable people to make space for God to be one of those important parts of their life as a couple?


One comment

  1. Life is too short so my importance is to enjoy everything that I have i.e the family, and live for every moment.


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