Is it me, or is the programme?

OK I’ve been having a problem recently, as you will have been able to tell from the layout of the last couple of posts, with getting things to layout clearly, with all the gaps and paragraphs I want.

If I paste something in from a programme like Pageplus X2 (which is what I write my sermons in, so they print out as a booklet) then even when I use the “full screen” mode with the “kitchen sink” nobs and whistles, when it’s published I lose most of the paragraphing etc… which is REALLY irritating.

Now I am quite willing to believe this is caused by my ignorance, rather than WordPress (and yes I’m up to date) but I’d really welcome some guidance please – if you understand this and think you can help!



  1. I’m not sure I can help but I may be able to explain a little of what is happening. When you copy something it is placed into the Windows clipboard but depending on the capabilities of the source it may be there in multiple different formats. So if you copy something from Word, it may be there as plain text, rtf and .doc format. Then when you paste into another application it is up to that application to choose the best fit of the available formats to use to retrieve that item from the clipboard and that depends upon the capabilities of the destination. eg Notepad will only take in plain text, it does not understand rtf or .doc format data but Wordpad can use the rtf data. It may be that because you are pasting into a text editor window in your browser that it will only accept plain text from the clipboard and that when Pageplus X2 copies plain text to the clipboard that it does so completely removing all formatting.
    You could try getting Pageplus X2 to save the file in a different format and then copy/paste from an intermediate program. eg save it as a pdf and then copy from Adobe Reader.


  2. Thanks – that was helpful.

    I tried using Notepad this time, and it was certainly better, especially once I got WordPress in ‘paragraph’ mode – although I did get all the text twice ( a not infrequent occurance)…. I guess if I was a linux user it would be so much better 🙂


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