Peace at Pentecost

Last week I led a ‘Celtic’ Morning Prayer at 8am for Pentecost. As part of the opening to the service I read something I had found in last week’s Church Times, and which (for those who don’t subscribe) I’ve shown below. I then used it to open my sermon:

O come, Holy Spirit, inflame my heart,
set it on fire with love.
Burn away my self-centredness so that I can love unselfishly.
Breathe your life-giving breath into my soul
so that I can live freely and joyously,
unrestricted by self-consciousness,
and may be ready to go wherever you may send me.
Come like a gentle breeze
and give me your still peace
so that I may be quiet and
know the wonder of your presence,
and help diffuse it in the world.
Never let me shut you out;
never let me try to limit you to my capacity;
act freely in me and through me,
never leave me, O Lord and giver of life!
by Michael Hollings and Etta Gullick from “It’s Me, O Lord” (Mayhew McCrimmon, 1972)

I’m not sure what you’ll think about my ideas on peace – I was really stretched, and didn’t have time to read round my thoughts thoroughly, so feel free to drive a horse and cart through my theology: Sermon John14 v8-17 and 25-27


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