Remembering our priests, and what we expect of them

HT to Maggi Dawn for the wonderful poem on Priestly Duties by Stewart Henderson.

I have several friends being ordained deacon or priest in the next few weeks, and this made me think and pray especially of them. In fact, just in case they miss this post I shall send it to some of them.

The poem is really powerful, and it should also be read by everyone who attends or even thinks about church: it is a comment on just how much we expect of our priests, and just how unfair we can sometimes be in our expectations of them.

It has also had the interesting effect of making sure that a “sleeping dog”, doesn’t lie completely quiet.

Found myself today looking at Sarum College prospectus (which came unrequested in a Diocesan CMD mailing) and finding I really liked the look of an MA course – I’m not going to, and I probably wouldn’t qualify to be able to, but an MA in Christian Liturgy looks fascinating.

(Also noted today in the Sarum College prospectus – though I can’t find it on the website – that they are offering a training course called “” – Women Who Would Be Bishops… now that is what I call faith, hope and good forward planning!)


One comment

  1. R, thank you for the poem.

    Gosh, I’d like to see a training course that covers all that! Sea lions?

    But yes, it is very powerful and, of course, impossibly true!

    As for the MA, don’t just sit there staring at the brochure …


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