Why I’ve lied to my son for weeks!

Maiden voyage!

It’s a tricky one isn’t it. We are taught as Christians’ not to lie. As ministers, we should set an example, and live with transparent integrity. This is my way of being transparent – I’ve lied to my son for weeks: but how else were we going to give him a really BIG surprise?!

The lad has been sailing, and racing a club Pico for months at HLSTC after completing his RYA Stage 4 and Seamanship this year. But racing the adults, the Pico is tail-end charlie all the while. It’s a bit lonely, and although the handicap system means he’s not always last in the result, he is on the water.

Meanwhile he’s had the chance to sail his Grandad’s Solo at Littleton – he loved it. Then Grandad phoned us – would we let him give the lad his ‘spare’ Solo?! Ever since that evening, there have been hushed conversations and lies. I’ve taken out Family Membership at the club (then lied about it when he’s been trying to get me out on the water as a guest), talked to folk there about a berth (and lied about what I had been doing when out), and more recently tried to shed diary entries that kept cropping up for yesterday afternoon – the date when a lad whose a member at both clubs could move said Solo on his road trailer!

We even discussed with people if his street-cred could take it. Fortunately, he’s not a boy to worry about such things, but the Solo is known as a “grandad boat” as even old men can sail it, and he’s recently had pressure to get a Laser, but we can’t afford to look such a gift horse in the mouth, and the Solo is a great deal more stable apparently, and has a handicap that should give him a real chance of doing well once he’s got used to her.

A very happy lad!

The last week, I’ve had to tell so many people that our son couldn’t meet various options on commitments last night (and tell his Scout leader he’s unlikely to want to kayake tonight), and invent excuses to him as to why he couldn’t do these things. Then he volunteered to help his class tutor at the school Open Evening, and I had to say he couldn’t go before 7pm as I couldn’t get him there – he assumed I was doing baptism prep!

So, please God forgive me, but the surprise, shock, disbelief and eventual joy (how to silence a 13 year old) were worth every minute of it!!!!!!! Thank you Grandad, and to Nanny for being there to share the excitement!

The young man spent last evening, and this morning walking round going “I’ve got a boat” with a joyful, bemused look on his face, and dreaming of what to call this beautiful lady. She comes with an great history, so I’ll blog that at a later date when he’s named her.

So, down the club to sit in the sun whilst he races her for the first time tonight! Must find out the best way to apply a name to a varnished boat!!



  1. I think that this is a case of “the ends justifying the means” and also that it wasn’t at all malicious. This is always a tough call though. When DO the ends justify the means?

    Still, I’m glad it worked out and Chris is so overjoyed. šŸ™‚


  2. Well, I think you are the cruellest mum alive!!!!!! Fancy lying to your one and only!! However…… What a fantastic thing to be able to do – I imagine your joy at his joy must have been almost too much! Give him (and you both) my love and wish him lots of luck. XX


  3. Many congratulations to the lad, he is lucky to have such a kind set of relatives all wanting to encourage him and let him grow in a pursuit he enjoys so much.


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