Wearing a kilt for a cause

Steve - kilted in aid of Alzheimer's Research Trust

This is an unashamed plug for our friend Steve who is wearing a kilt for a whole month in aid of the Alzheimer’s Research Trust.

Steve (who has just spent the weekend staying with us) had to wear a kilt for a friends costumed wedding celebration, producing some positive responses about how good he looked, and some jokes about wearing a kilt for a longer period. Taking some of our comments perhaps more seriously than we intended, Steve ever a man of his word, decided that he would wear one for a month! Needing a reason for carrying through this slightly mad choice of summer outfit, he has chosen to support Alzheimer’s Research, as his mother is a sufferer.

His major concern about staying with us, was probably our dog. A small terrier might take too great an interest in a man wearing a kilt, shall we say, traditionally! In the event, Honey the terrier was more interested in the knee high wool socks than anything else – and the biggest problem was the humidity, especially sat watching our son at the sailing club.

If you happen to live or work in Oxford, you may well see Steve (who blogs about the venture here), wandering the streets in his distinctive outfit till the turn of the month. Whether or not you actually meet him, if you have a small amount of spare cash for a man doing something unusual in a good cause, do please sponsor him at his Just Giving site: www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Usher


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