Entering that sacred space

Lake at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick

I am currently at the Hayes Conference Centre at Swanwick in Derbyshire for the first Mothers’ Unit All Unit Conference. #muconf10 for Twitter followers.

Travelling, and the first few hours here have produced several blessings – including my Dad back at home who as well as walking the dog has posted my laptop power cable on behind me!

Another blessing was half an hour (waiting for room keys) beside the lake where I had two good views of a Kingfisher! I aim to return to the lake tomorrow with camera (so I probably wont see it again.)

The third blessing was the opening words of this evenings conference Eucharist (with Bishop Ken Clark/e?) which I found deeply moving. The words are attributed in our service sheet to Macrina Wiederkehr:

Deep within your soul
there is a knowing place
a sanctuary
where gifts are nurtured.
Enter that sacred space.
Spend time there
tending your gifts.
There in the chapel of your heart
you will become a gift to be given.


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