Social networking and blog based content management

I spent part of my time at the Mothers’ Union All Unit Conference #muconf10 at Swanwick talking about what I know about Social Media and back tracking to what I shared at last year’s MU Marketing Conference about using blog software to create websites.

The initial result after 24 hours home from conference, is a smattering of Twitter followers from fellow Mothers’ Union members who the MU Communications Officer (Fiona Thomas) and I have convinced to take the plunge. For these brave souls I will blog a little more of what I said later next week.

In the meantime, for those people who were interested in what I produced last year about why and how I came to use blog based content management for HERE is the link to what I wrote last year on that website, and the document I wrote and shared at last years conference: Blog Based Content Management 4 MU


About ramtopsrac

Church of England Priest, child of God, daughter of the New Forest, wife and mother.
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3 Responses to Social networking and blog based content management

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  2. preachersa2z says:

    Some great , accessible, sensible & inspiring stuff here.

    Thank you.

  3. ramtopsrac says:

    For Blog Action Day, combined with Global Handwashing Day, and to make the point that we need blogs to change the world, read this
    and attendant links

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