Christmas isn’t coming! Matthew 24:36-44 – Advent 1

This week’s sermon task was a tricky one: I was leading an preaching at our formal, said, 8am Morning Prayer, which requires a short talk because the service needs to be completed in half an hour AND I was preaching at our 10am charismatic service in our ‘plant’ in the local comprehensive school hall, where sermons can be the long or the short of it!

I ended up writing a sermon for the 10am service, and then doing a bit of a hatchet job on it for the 8am. I also ended up preaching both in a rather husky voice having gone down with a streaming cold. Not the best way to start the busy season…. but then Christmas isn’t coming so perhaps it doesn’t matter?!

The reason I suggest that Christmas isn’t coming, is because it only really came once, and at the beginning of Advent we need to focus on God’s coming, both continual and finally in glory, and I believe this needs to be reflected in how we approach our Christmas activities.

And it all starts, with the story from the New Year as I turned 21…

Just before my 21st birthday, I spent New Year on my way back to Uni, staying at a friends house near Pershore. It was a old farmhouse – like about 17th Century – just beginning to be done up, and it was in a very small, rural hamlet. I like old houses, I’m a country girl, the local pub was just the right sort of place for a rustic New Year, so this was a good place to be…

Until I woke up in the middle of the night…

If you want to read the whole thing, then it’s here Sermon Matthew 24v36-44



  1. I really like your images – they seem to be very rich ones that can carry a range of different ideas. I’ll go away and think about them – hope you don’t mind if they turn up in another sermon, possibly after a bit of mutation


  2. Crumbs! You’re quick off the mark this evening! Yes of course you can re-use, and mutate however you see fit! I’m flattered, thank you.


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