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A few thoughts… on the passing of a family treasure

A few may have noticed that my blogging became rather sporadic before Christmas. It was due in part to a family bereavement, when my husband’s Gran died aged 97. Various things, like clearing Gran’s flat, took a greater priority than … Continue reading

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First time ever…

…on a sledge! Yes, really. Honest! C has been borrowing Mr and Mrs Bs, and finally, between bouts of funeral prep, computer instalation (not desired, but necessary) and Christmas stuff, he got us and the dog out with the sledge … Continue reading

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Families First in Winchester for Mothers’ Union

I’m thawing out in the car after an excellent start to the Mothers Union charity stall at Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market. The team of volunteers are keeping warm chatting to the many folk who are passing by. We are giving … Continue reading

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Who is buying our children’s childhood

With today’s news that MU Chief Executive Reg Bailey will head up the government review regarding the issue, by continuing to take the well balanced view that he’s come to be respected for in Mothers’ Union, I’ve started to reflect … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Union Chief Exec to review commercialisation of children

On Friday I posted some responses and questions that came from my recent presentation about issues raised by theMothers’ Union Bye Buy Childhood Campaign. On Sunday, The Telegraph ran a story announcing that the Mothers’ Union Chief Executive, Reg Bailey will … Continue reading

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Childhood – bought, sold or lost?

This week I made my first presentation as part of the Mothers’ Union Bye Buy Childhood Campaign. Due to the weather conditions ‘Who’s Buying our Children’s Childhood’ was shared with a very small group, but together we produced some interesting … Continue reading

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